Since 2002, Ross RVs & Food Carts has been building and customizing food carts, concession trailers, and concession stands for the mobile food industry. We are known for our ability to give clients precisely what they want and need to be successful in the mobile food marketplace.


Owner Scott Ross had decades of experience customizing RVs before growing demand from clients turned his attention to customizing vehicles for mobile food vendors. Today, Ross RVs & Food Carts serves mobile food industry clients across the United States and as far away as Africa.
An industry expert, Ross was a speaker at the inaugural Roam Mobile Food Conference in Portland, OR in 2013. A firm believer in giving his clients precisely what they want, he encourages them to communicate their dreams, then works with his team to make those dreams a reality.
Because his clients will spend long hours working on the food carts, concession trailers, and concession stands he designs for them, he insists that every detail be right. He feels that no details are unimportant, even down to the precise sizes of the pots and pans vendors will be using and the ways in which they plan to cook and serve their food.
His mantra: “It has to feel right for them.”
With one of the most passionate custom design teams in the Oregon, Scott Ross is proud to help his clients realize their dreams. 

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