If you are interested in flexibility, ease, and low overhead, you will want to think seriously about the advantages of concession stands. 

Concession stands can operate indoors or outdoors. They can be configured to sell foods ranging from simple snacks, like pretzels, to more complex fare. Like food carts and concession trailers, concession stands have wheels, but do not move under their own power. They tend to be larger than food carts and resemble booths or kiosks, often providing space for two people to prepare and serve food.

If you are considering this option keep in mind that concession stands must be assembled. However, they can be opened and closed easily and are well-suited for locations where unpleasant weather is a selling-season hazard. A concession stand is a good option if:

• You want to explore new locations without committing.
• You like the idea of having a presence at special events, like flea markets and fairs.
• You must work around a primary work schedule to determine opening and closing hours.

Concession stands are the perfect way to keep all of your options open as a mobile food vendor, while keeping your investment low and complications to a minimum. Ross RVs & Food Carts will help you design a concession stand to suit both your creative preferences and your practical needs. Call today for a consultation!

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