Concession trailers are the big sexy beasts of the mobile food vending industry. This is an option that provides endless possibilities for the adventurous food vendor. Whether you choose to build from scratch or repurpose an existing trailer, you can let your creativity run wild when dreaming up concession trailer designs. 

Concession trailers can be large or small, and they have the advantage of allowing cooking. They also give you a surprising amount of room for invention. They provide many more options than a food cart, and are far less expensive than a truck.

Consider, for example, the possibilities of a repurposed Airstream trailer, shining sleek and silver, wafting good smells from the full kitchen stashed inside its retro exterior. A school bus fixed up with cozy seating for a few delighted customers is also a real possibility. (We know, because we designed and built one.)

Ross RVs & Food Carts is an ideal choice if you are looking for a custom shop that can build a concession trailer from scratch. We love conversion work as well -- and we have done a lot of it. 

Our customization “method” combines deep technical expertise with a knack for listening to our clients and figuring out how to give them exactly what they want. We maximize the possibilities of concession trailer design just as we do those of the customized food carts and concession trailers we build. 

Because customized concession trailers can be quite simple or very elaborate, depending upon factors such as size and client requirements, prices and lead time can vary considerably. 

If you are thinking about a concession trailer, you will want to call us now to consult and explore the possibilities. You, and your customers, will be very happy you did!

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